Dear Deborah, I want to thank you so very much for the AMAZING cake you made for Amelie & Aurelia's first birthday. I was simply speechless when I saw it, it was just perfect. and you whipped it up so quickly & with so little input from me. We just loved it & it was extremely delicious. You will be definitely hear from us again




Deborah, All my guests loved your pop cakes. Also I give your name to them if they were interested in ordering a cake from you and thank you very much we are very happy with the ballerina slipper cake we ordered from you so beautiful. Hopefully in future I will contact you make another cake.

Thanks Rahma


Hi Deborah

thank u for the Minecraft cake and cake pops... they were amazing and everyone loved them and enjoyed them thank u again Nina



Hi Deborah, Everybody really enjoyed the cakes. They were all blown away by the detailing on both the Rolls Royce and Boat. And I loved how you incorporated the JV logo. I wasn't personally able to try the cakes because I can't eat gluten. But I did hear that the cake tasted nice. Thank you so much for the beautiful cakes Deborah.Thank you Henna



Hi Deborah,

thank you so much for Tayas Monster High cake you have done the most wonderful job my daughter can't believe it.



Hi Deborah, I just wanted to write and say a huge thank you for the amazing cake you made for my daughters third birthday. She loved it as did everyone else lucky enough to see and taste it. We still have the head in the freezer awaiting another occasion. It was almost a crime to cut into but well worth it.

Thanks so much for putting the icing on the cake to a great day. Kind Regards Bianca



Hi Deborah, I just wanted to say how beautiful my sons cake was for his 5th Birthday everyone loved it! Got so much good comments about the way it looked & how good it tasted, so thank you for your terrific work...my hubby has a twin sister & their 40th is on 11th July, I will be in touch for some ideas..hope it's not too late :) THANKYOU :) Thank you Sharyn



Hi Deb. Thank you so very much for the cake.. You did an absolutely wonderful job.. It was a real hit with the kids and not a crumb was wasted. Glen



Hi thanks for the lovely Lightning Mcqueen car cake. I didn't even want to cut it. It looked so nice. Ellen

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