Mens Novelty Birthday Cakes

Welcome to my Mens Novelty Birthday Cakes page. Here you will find a range of  Novelty Mens Birthday Cakes I have made for mens Birthdays. If you would like a quote on a cake in this gallery or have a photo of another cake please click on the Quote button above and fill in the enquiry form. I will endeavour to reply to your email within 24 hours of receiving it. 

Mack Truck
Mack Truck

3D Mack Truck Men's 40th Birthday cake

3D Red Ferrari sports car 23rd Birthday cake

3D More Chilli Casino slot machine with chocolate gold coins

KFC chicken nuggets 40th Birthday cake with fondant chicken nuggets cake toppers

Essendon football 30th Birthday cake with fondant football cake topper

3D GR Remote control Birthday cake

3D Holden Colorado twin cabin 2010 Ute Birthday cake

2 tiered Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon "The Wall" Birthday cake

3D Nazcar 50th Birthday cake

3D Silver Mercedes Benz 1971 190 SL car 50th Birthday cake

3D Blue Nissan Fair Lady 220 car Birthday cake

Duke of hazard 50th Birthday cake with fondant 1969 Dodge Charger "The General Lee" cake topper

3D Qantas plane retirement cake

3D Queensland Rail Train Birthday cake

Toronto Maple Leafs Birthday cake with fondant logo and scarf cake toppers

3D Gold Holden 308 car 60th Birthday cake

Golf putting green men's 27th Birthday cake with fondant Golfer figurine, golf buggy, golf bag and clubs cake toppers

Tool Belt 50th Birthday cake
Tool Belt 50th Birthday cake

3D Tool Belt 50th Birthday Cake with fondant tools and toilet cake toppers

3D Cabin Boat men's 40th Birthday cake

Chef's 30th Birthday cake with fondant chef and vegetables cake toppers

3D Six pack of XXXX Gold Beer Birthday cake

3D Porsche Sports car Men's 50th Birthday cake

3D Firetruck Retirement Cake

3D Timms Haulage Truck men's Celebration cake

North Melbourne AFL Football jersey 50th Birthday cake

Casino Poker Jackpot themed 30th Birthday cake with toy gold coins cake toppers

3D Porcha GT3RS Car men's 50th Birthday cake

Triumph Motor cycle shaped men's 50th Birthday cake

2 tier great Northern Larger Men's Birthday cake with fondant ice bucket and 2 real Great northern larger bottles cake toppers

millennium falcon
millennium falcon

3D Starwars Millennium Falcon spaceship men's 50th Birthday cake