16th, 18th & 21st Birthday Cakes

Welcome to my 16th, 18th and 21st Birthday Cakes page. Here you will find a range of 16th Birthday Cakes, 18th Birthday Cakes and 21st Birthday Cakes I have made for young adults milestone Birthdays. If you would like a quote on a cake in this gallery or have a photo of another cake please click on the Quote button above and fill in the enquiry form. I will endeavour to reply to your email within 24 hours of receiving it. 


White red and gold 2 tiered 16th Birthday cake with fondant butterflies, roses and music notes cake toppers

2 tiered favorite things 21st Birthday cake with fondant figurine, dumbbells', McDonald's M, soccer ball, French fries, glasses, laptop, Pepsi can, head phones cake toppers


3D Drum 21st Birthday cake with fondant drumsticks cake toppers


Godzilla 21st Birthday cake


3D Yellow Mitsubishi Mirage Car Birthday cake


3D Red Holden Commodore 2004 Ute car 18th Birthday cake

My favorite things 21st Birthday cake

Toronto Maple Leafs 18th Birthday cake

two tier white and rose gold roses 21st Birthday cake

Personalized number plate 18th Birthday cake

3D Breaka Chocolate Milk bottle 21st Birthday cake

3D White Toyota Ute 18th Birthday cake with 2 fondant pet Dachshund dogs cake toppers

4 tiered Avengers super hero 18th Birthday cake with fondant hammer and fist cake toppers

Electric Guitar and Amp 21st Birthday cake with fondant electric guitar and amp cake toppers

Converse off white Chuck Taylor All stars shoe box 21st Birthday cake

3D yellow and grey Python snake 21st Birthday Cake

3 tier Louis Vuitton 18th Birthday cake with gold number 18 topper

3D Stack of Polo shirts 21st Birthday cake

Louise Vuitton 21st Birthday cake with Fondant Gucci Sandshoes cake toppers

3D Marlin Fish 18th Birthday cake

3D KFC Zinger burger Pack 21st Birthday cake with fondant and cake cake toppers

Chelsea Football jersey 18th Birthday cake

Music themed 16th Birthday cake with microphone, notes, music and piano keys cake toppers

2 tiered Cherry Blossom 21st Birthday cake with fondant cherry blossom flowers and gold 21 cake toppers

2 tiered Cascading red roses 18th Birthday cake with fondant roses

Movie themed 18th Birthday cake with fondant clapper board, movie reel and stars cake toppers

3D Louis Vuitton handbag Ladies 21st Birthday cake

3D Bundaberg Rum Barrel with Bundy Rum Polar Bear cake topper

3D Jacquemus orange hand Bag 21st Birthday cake

2 tiered Black and white gift boxes 21st Birthday cake with large black fondant Bow